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A Knowledgeable Team For Fire Training In London

A few hundred years ago, a fire in London could produce the most devastating results. Of course, most famous of all is the Great Fire of London in 1666 which swept through the city, destroying large swathes of the capital.


Fortunately, today we not only have a better fire service but much better health and safety rules. Nonetheless, most recently, the Grenfell fire tragedy was a reminder of the importance of fire training and the use of safe materials in larger buildings.


72 people passed away in this tragedy, which occurred in June 2017. In comparison, it’s believed that only 6 people perished in the Great Fire of London.


Want to have fire training at your business or residential building?


Having an accredited Fire Risk Assessor in your premises is a great way to improve the safety of a residential or commercial building in London.


London Fire Associates deliver this type of training for companies and individuals throughout the city. Our clients include everyone from business owners and private landlords to building companies. We can make you aware of any fire risks in your property, and ensure you have a professional Fire Risk Assessor who has the training to keep everyone safe.


If you want to create a safer workplace, our fire training in London is perfect for companies in a range of industries.


Want to know more about our fire training in London? Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.

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