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Fully Compliant London Fire Risk Assessments


London Fire Associates recently carried out a fire risk assessment for London's leading supplier of commercial electric scooters and bicycles - Lime Technologies Ltd.

The client had only recently had a risk assessment carried out out by another, well known London fire risk assessment company, but it was deemed to not be suitable and sufficient by the enforcement authority who rejected it. The client was therefore left with a large bill and no valid fire risk assessment to show for it.


London Fire Associates stepped in to help at this point as all our fire risk assessors are experts in their field and up to date on all current fire safety regulations. An in-depth site survey was carried out and an exhaustive fire safety report was drafted, taking into account the unusual risks.


Our risk assessments are guaranteed to satisfy fire safety legislation and to be suitable for the fire authority's inspecting officers. How can we be so sure? Because all our assessors are ex London Fire Brigade inspecting officers!


Don't waste your time and money on cheaper fire risk assessment companies who's assessors are not fully qualified or able to deal with complex fire risk assessments. Trust the experts at London Fire Associates, one of London's leading professional fire risk assessment companies. We guarantee all our work will be compliant.


Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

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