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Contact Us For Commercial Fire Risk Assessments In London

Fire safety is something all households and businesses should take seriously.


There are many ways to check whether your building is safe. For starters, you should regularly check your fire alarms to ensure they’re working properly. Many experts advise that this should be done every week.


Safety rules set out that there should be a minimum of one smoke alarm per floor, with a heat detector in the kitchen. However, you should fit enough alarms so that all areas where a fire could start are covered.


A fire risk assessment is a great way to ensure you’re meeting the latest regulations. This is crucial if you’re a landlord of a commercial or residential property.


To prevent fires, you should also observe rules like ensuring candles are always put out when you leave the room. It’s also important to ensure there’s always a way to escape the building. Many businesses like to conduct regular fire drills to ensure people are ready for an emergency.


London Fire Associates regularly carries out fire risk assessments and training courses.


Fire safety is crucial whether you rent, own your own home, or have a commercial building. 


Our team can advise on fire safety strategies and solutions for all types of buildings. They can also inform you about any safety risks or breaches or fire regulations.


If you need a residential or commercial fire risk assessment, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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