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Create A Safer Workplace With Our Fire Training In Hampshire

With this summer due to be a hot one, there’s an increased risk of fires occurring. Only recently, there has been a conflagration in Cornwall in an area of gorse. The right fire training is particularly important if you run a business which is at higher risk of this type of problem.


The right training will significantly reduce the risk of your staff or household being harmed or causing a fire.

London Fire Associates is committed to carrying out risk assessments, along with delivering the training needed to keep people safe.


Our work includes delivering fire marshal training to the finest possible standards. A fire marshal is someone who is primarily responsible for the identification of potential fires in a building and can help you stay compliant with the law. They will easily be able to identify any risks in your building and ensure everyone in the building leaves safely and calmly if needed.


Choose London Fire Associates for your training in Hampshire and you’ll benefit from a team that have extensive experience in this industry. We have a number of courses to suit your particular business or household. As our name suggests, we also frequently carry out training throughout the city of London.


Discover more about our fire training in Hampshire or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.

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