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Discover Our Fire Marshal Training Courses In London

Fires are devastating for any workplace and put your staff at extreme risk. We were reminded of this during the heatwave this summer, which led to an outbreak of fatal fires across the UK, including in London. Only recently, there was an outbreak of grass fires in the capital.


The right training makes all the difference to how prepared you are if an emergency arises. It will also significantly reduce the chances of a fire occurring in the first place.


Training is also important for householders, with a vast majority of domestic fires happening due to accidents. For instance, cooking appliances are a common culprit and the leading cause of house fires. Smoker’s materials are also another common cause. 


Looking for bespoke fire training for your premises in London?


London Fire Associates are highly knowledgeable when it comes to all things fire-related. We deliver fire safety courses throughout not only London but Hampshire and Surrey. 


Our fire marshal training is delivered by former London fire brigade officers, each of whom have over 25 years experience. We can help your workplace meet both the legal and health and safety requirements for businesses when it comes to fire safety. 


Lasting for around 3 hours, your staff will enhance their knowledge on a range of subjects, including how to use fire extinguishers. Why not check out our frequently asked questions and answers?

Find out more about our fire marshal training courses in London or please contact our team for more information.

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