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Since smoke may swiftly spread throughout a building during a fire, having a smoke detection system in your establishment is a crucial part of any fire escape plan. In many cases, it is also a legal obligation for your company or business.

You can receive an early warning from a functional smoke alarm that has been routinely tested, providing you enough time to leave the building or premises and be safe.


It is impossible for London Fire Associates or any other reliable fire safety or London fire risk assessment business to overstate the importance of having a linked, functional smoke detection system or fire alarm. Unbelievably, did you know that without a functional smoke alarm, your risk of dying in a fire increases by nine times?

If a fire could start in a room in your home or place of business, such as an electrical intake room, a distant inner room, or a location with an ignition source, you should put a smoke alarm there as well. Contact a fire risk assessment business or fire risk assessor for advice; they will be pleased to help.

Smoke alarms should be tested every month so that you can recognize the sound they make and make sure they're still functional. Maintaining a safe workplace for you, your employees, and your clients depends heavily on fire safety. Make sure to speak with a reliable and licenced London fire risk assessment business. All of our expert London fire risk assessors are former London Fire Brigade officers, so they are more than happy to assist you with fire safety at your place of business or residence.

Make sure you are familiar with BS 5839-6 if you are in any manner in charge of fire detection systems in residential buildings, including high-rise residential flats, HMOs, sheltered housing, or assisted housing.

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