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Electrical Fire Safety In The Workplace


How Do Industrial Electrical Fires Start And What Steps Should Be Take In The Event That One Occurs?


Electrical fires are the fifth leading cause of fires in commercial buildings. One of the biggest problems with electrical fires is that they rarely provide the owner/occupant with any advance warning that a fire is imminent. Wiring, equipment, and appliances which have worked perfectly for years can fail and cause a fire.

Common Locations of Industrial Electrical Fires

Electrical fires can occur anywhere there is electrical service. Some of the more common locations in an industrial setting are:

  • Electrical Panels (includes Power Control Centres, Motor Control Centres, Programmable Logic Controllers, etc.)

  • Transformer Rooms

  • Cable Trays / Cable Vaults

  • Motors and Drivers

Having appropriate fire detection and fire suppression systems can be invaluable if your workplace has a high volume of electrical systems or equipment. Even with little electrical equipment or apparatus, appropriate measures should be taken to deal with a potential electrical fires. 

Having the correct fire extinguishers is vital in dealing with electrical fires. We all know that you should not put water on an electrical fire, but which type is best, Dry powder? Co2? Sand? Make sure your staff have suitable training to deal with all types of minor fires, including fire extinguisher training. We are one of London's leading providers of fire safety training including staff fire warden training. Having appropriate fire extinguishers is pointless without staff who know how to use them in the event of an emergency. It is also a legal requirement under the 2005 fire safety (regulatory reform) Order. A good London fire safety consultant can assist you with achieving legal compliance and most importantly ensuring the safety of your staff and general public.

A fire risk assessment by one of London's top fire safety companies can identify potential electrical fires allowing you to address any issues and stop a potential fire in your workplace.  London Fire Associates specialize in London fire risk assessments across a broad range or premises. We cover office, shop, restaurant, off licence warehouse and residential fire risk assessments as well as new build fire strategy reports.

Contact us today to see how we can help make your company or business safer

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