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Fire Safety Courses Delivered By Professionals In London

Most fires are preventable if the correct precautions are taken. That’s why expert training  courses make a huge difference.


Common causes of conflagrations at workplaces include defective electrical equipment like imperfect or loose wiring and overloaded sockets. Smoking, mismanaged flammable/combustible materials and cooking equipment are also frequent culprits.


 It’s vital your staff has training that enables them to recognise any behaviours that might lead to an emergency. Negligence and human error play a big part in fires in the workplace or home. With our fire safety courses, they’ll always be aware of any potential risks.

Fire safety at your home or business in London has never been more important.


This summer demonstrated that we’re likely to experience more extreme heat conditions in the future. Along with human error, this is a big risk factor for fires.


Together with having an expert risk assessment, fire safety courses will help your staff spot any red flags. London Fire Associates is here to improve safety at your workplace.


Prevent dangerous and financially devastating fires.


Having spent years working in London’s fire brigade, our team has a wealth of fire safety knowledge. We’ve also worked in the private sector. Our Fire Marshals deliver fire risk assessments and training courses across the capital.


Our fire safety courses will be tailored to meet both your legal requirements and the unique challenges at your workplace.


If you’re interested in our fire safety courses in London, don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.

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