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Are you ready for a Fire Brigade fire safety inspection?


Operation London Bridge was a large undertaking, not only for the Metropolitan Police and the London Fire Brigade, but for Prevention and Protection as well. When the news about Her Majesty’s death was announced on Thursday 8 September, members of the LFB’s Fire Safety team immediately stepped up to help plan, prioritize and deliver activities on a large scale in a very short time frame.


Over the 10 days leading up to Her Majesty’s funeral, the LFB’s fire safety advisors and inspecting officers carried out 627 fire safety inspections around the footprint of the funeral, targeting small hotels, licensed and commercial premises as well as temporary structures, the media village and accommodation for more than 2,500 police and military personnel. This wok resulted in circa 70 notifications of deficiencies, over 10 enforcement notices and 2 article 31 prohibition notices.


It is important to remember that these types of fire safety visits or audits, are carried out daily by the LFB across the capital with no warning or prior notification. It is therefore vital that businesses have a current and valid fire risk assessment that has been carried out by a qualified London fire risk assessor and your staff have had suitable fire safety training.


Fire safety training is also necessary for the safety of the staff and customers. London Fire Associates produce and deliver high quality fire marshal or fire warden fire safety training at your premises. The training course lasts approximately 3 hours and covers everything from fire safety legislation to fire extinguisher use.


All our fire safety trainers and fire risk assessors are ex-London Fire Brigade Offices, with over 20 years’ fire safety experience each; so you can be assured you are receiving the best advice.  


Now rated and ranked by Google as the number 1 ‘London fire risk assessment company’, trust London Fire Associates to fulfil your fire safety requirements and ensure you do not fall fowl to the fire brigade’s enforcement officers.

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