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Get Expert Training For Your Fire Marshal Certificate

Thanks to a severe heatwave this summer, the risk of fires is higher than normal. A hot dry atmosphere means it’s much easier for a fire to spread. Outdoor activities like BBQs and camping are also more common this time of year, which can lead to fires.


Why get a fire marshal training certificate for your staff?


Having a fire marshal (otherwise known as a ‘warden’) at your premises in London is an excellent risk-control measure. If your workplace does encounter a fire, they’ll have the training to ensure everybody is prepared to get out of the building safely. A fire marshal should be highly familiar with your site and the day-to-day flow of people.


 They will also ensure your company takes all the precautions needed to prevent a fire in the first place.


London Fire Associates helps businesses across the capital to get a fire marshal certificate with our expert training.


We have a dedicated group of accredited fire engineers who feel passionately about fire safety. Our certified fire marshal training courses cover everything from fire science to fire extinguisher training. Since it only lasts between 3 and 4 hours it’s easy to fit into your current schedule.


If you’re looking to get a fire marshal training certificate in London, discover more about our training courses. Or simply contact our friendly team for more information.

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