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Learn More About Fire Safety Building Regulations

Because of volatile weather conditions, fires have been a problem across the UK this summer. Only recently, there was a major disruption at London Bridge leading to the closing of railway tracks. 70 firefighters had to battle the blaze which caused severe delays.


If you run a business in the capital, it’s crucial your staff have had the necessary training to prevent fires and react appropriately in an emergency.


London Fire Associates is dedicated to making the capital a safer place to live and work.


Our work includes residential and commercial risk assessments, including for offices, warehouses, schools or residential buildings.


We can also make your staff aware of the latest fire safety building regulations. Ever since the introduction of The Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order in 2005, businesses have had a legal obligation to ensure their staff have suitable fire safety training.


Have a thorough fire risk assessment and expert training.


We regularly carry out bespoke fire risk assessments which involve a fully qualified and accredited Fire Risk Assessor walking around your premises. Every building is different and will have varying levels of risk and escape routes.


London Fire Associates can also deliver fire safety training for all staff. We have a fully accredited team who have a minimum of 20 years experience working within The London Fire Brigade. Courses cover everything from fire science to fire extinguisher training.


If you want to discover more about fire safety building regulations, simply contact our team for more information.

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