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London Warehouse Fire Risk Assessments


Do you have a warehouse in London? Is it adequately protected against the risks of fire? Would your business survive if it lost all of its warehouse stock? If you own a warehouse in London, these are the questions you need to ask yourself. 

London Fire Associates can provide bespoke warehouse fire risk assessments and give fire safety advice on how to best protect your building and staff from fire. 

For the most part the obvious solution to protect stock in warehouses from fire is early fire detection. However, even with early detection, fires can spread rapidly through a warehouse and can be difficult and timely for fire and rescue services to put out. It is therefore recommended to install a fire suppression or sprinkler system to protect your valuable stock and inhibit fire growth.

The fire sprinkler systems for warehouses are not a case of “fit and forget”. Like other such systems, they need to be considered as part of the emergency response to a fire to ensure that they are maintained in service. Just like key parts of the warehouse system, they require inspection, maintenance, and testing. If the systems are taken out of service for maintenance, then precautions are needed to handle ignition sources and repairs need to be expedited. Like any fire safety arrangement, they need ongoing assessment to ensure the hazard they are protecting still matches their design. If it has changed then it needs to be recognized.

At London Fire Associates, we cannot recommend sprinkler systems highly enough for large warehouses. Our London fire risk assessors will speak to you and give you advice on fire prevention and can provide a detailed warehouse fire risk assessment for you. 

Get in touch today to see how we can help your business stay safe.

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