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The Fire Safety Regulations (England) 2022


Are you the 'responsible person or Freeholder for a multi occupied domestic premises? 


Are you aware of the new fire safety regulations that came into effect earlier this year?

If the answer to either of these questions is 'yes', then you may need our simple guide to your new legal fire safety responsibilities.

Buildings under 11m in height:

  • You must display fire safety instructions in a visible part of the building. The instructions must be in a comprehensible form that residents can reasonably be expected to understand.

  • You must provide relevant information about fire doors, particularly residents’ flat entrance doors as these play an important part in containing any fire within the flat in which it starts. Regulation 10 requires that residents be given information to the effect that:- Fire doors should be kept shut when not in use: - Residents or their guests should not tamper with self-closing devices; and residents should report any fault or damage immediately to a responsible person.

Buildings between 11m and 18m in height:

In addition to the above -


  • All fire doors in communal areas of the building must be checked at least every three months. 

  • You must use best endeavours to undertake checks of all flat entrance fire doors at periods not exceeding 12 months.

Buildings over 18m in height:

In addition to all the above:

  • Provide a secure premises information box for fire and rescue services. In the event of a fire in any high-rise residential building, it is important that certain information is readily available for the fire and rescue service. The box must be capable of containing the documents required by these regulations, and it must be reasonably secure from unauthorized access and vandalism.

Fire Risk Assessments are a very important part of ensuring compliance with statutory fire safety regulations. Make sure you choose a reputable, accredited and professional London Fire Risk Assessment Company to assist you. Our fire risk assessments are affordable, reliable and guaranteed. Whether you own a block of flats or an HMO (house of multiple occupancy) in or around London, London Fire Associates can help you.

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