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 One of the Leading Fire Safety Companies in London

Fire safety has been in the spotlight recently. Thanks to the record breaking heatwave this summer, there’s been a rise in the risk of fires breaking out, as you might have noticed reading the news. The London Fire Brigade was called out to nearly 3,000 fires in July, in a month that saw the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Britain. 


London Fire Associates is ideal for companies seeking comprehensive fire safety training.


We deliver both fire risk assessments and fire marshal training, all delivered by an expert team. Our experts have spent years working in the London Fire Brigade along with in the private sector. We can carry out fire safety assessments at your premises. This is the best way to ensure you meet the latest health and safety regulations. 


Our experts carry out risk assessments at both residential and commercial properties throughout London. 


Our fully qualified and accredited Fire Risk Assessors  can personally walk around your premises to carry out a bespoke assessment. Places where we work include everywhere from offices and warehouses to schools. 


With our Fire Marshal Training, you’ll always have an expert on your premises in case any emergencies arise. 


Our team is a small group of accredited fire engineers who are passionate about your safety. We’re dedicated to creating safer workplaces across the capital. 

If you’re looking for fire safety companies in London, don’t hesitate to contact our team today.

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